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Special Services

We have a number of special services to mark the different events of life. These can be joyful and celebratory occasions, as well as times of sadness and remembrance.

At St Stephen's we are there to help you navigate the highs and lows that life brings, always wanting to bring God's peace, love, and hope into every situation.


Baptism is the gateway into the Christian faith. It is a physical sign and is known as a sacrament, which is an outward sign of divine grace. Baptism is a joyful opportunity to welcome the person (whatever their age) into our family of faith.

Please contact us to enquire further.


Open to any baptised member from the age of 10, the sacrament of Confirmation is for those who believe they would like to commit their lives to following the way of Christ Jesus.

If you would like to be confirmed then please


The sacrament of Confession is an opportunity for people to experience reconciliation for anything they have done which may have distanced them from community.

If you would like to meet with Fr Joe to make your confession then please .


The joining together of two souls in union with God’s blessing in the sacrament of Marriage is a wonderful start to a lifetime of journeying together.

Weddings at St Stephen's Church, Guernsey are a special occasion when we celebrate with joy this beautiful sacrament. We will meet with you, pray with you, and help you to prepare, not just for your big day, but for your  life together.

Please contact us to find out more.


This is an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to remember the life of a loved one and to be reminded of the gift of grace that awaits us all in heaven.

We will help you in your sadness and be there as you journey through this dark place of grief.

If you need more information please contact us.